November 24, 2020

Notary Public: Another Essential For The Immigration Process

Anyone who wishes to migrate to the country knows how tedious the process can be. There are different offices to visit, documents to file and requirements to fulfill. All these can become too much for some, but most people know and are ready for this once they make the decision to migrate. One of the many offices to get to is that of a notary public.

notary public

A notary public is someone who is empowered by the law to deal with the public for non-contentious matters. The usual things that this public officer works with are concerning deeds, power-of -attorneys and estates as well as documents pertaining to international businesses. Affirmations and oath administration as well as authenticating the execution of certain documents are also a part of the functions of a notary. This person can also take affidavits, statutory declarations and witnesses. He also has the power to provide notices on foreign drafts, make protests on notes and bills of exchange as well as take legal acknowledgement of deeds and similar conveyances.

Basically, documents are notarized to ensure that they are not fraud. It is also a way to make it known that the document had been executed properly. The notary serves as an impartial witness in the execution of a document. It is the notary’s responsibility to eliminate imposters and provide assurance that the parties involved have the knowledge about the agreement and have entered into it in their own will.

Although not all documents have to be notarized, there are highly important papers that are required by the law to pass through a certified notary. These include deeds, power of attorney and affidavits.

When one goes to a notary public to have a document notarized, it is just normal for one to be required to show a proof of identification such as a passport, a company ID or driver’s license.

There are also immigration papers that have to pass through a notary public. An example of these documents is the Affidavit of Support. It is, however, required by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service that one should file his own immigration paper.

The only exemption to this regulation is if one is an attorney or an accredited representative as determined and approved by the US Department of Justice. Clerical and secretarial services can be provided by the notaries, but they cannot provide any legal advice.

For the basics of what a notary can do in the service of the public, it is more or less the same across the country. However, there are certain specifications set by the government of the different states in America. If one wishes to have the services of a specific notary, it is most helpful to consider everything specified for the notary of the state where one is.

Overall, the function of a notary public is not focused nor limited for local purposes alone. There are documents for varied reasons other than local matters such certain affidavits that are important and necessary in the immigration process.

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