April 15, 2021

What Immigration Reform Means To You As A United States Citizen

Immigration Reform is one of the hottest American topics at this time. President Obama spoke in 2008 about how immigration reform would be a priority on his agenda. Unfortunately the president has a more pertinent issue with Health Care Reform. President Kennedy of Massachusetts worked for many years till his death on enforcing amendment policies to the ongoing immigration issues.
Immigration Reform

One of the most threatening issues to the American citizen is the idea of criminal illegals entering the United States. The biggest issue that President Obama is supporting is maximizing border security. There is an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U. S. Not paying any tax dollars due to illegal working channels.

If an immigrant goes through the proper channels to obtain citizenship through the government their are several channels that one would have to take such as paying a fine to the U. S. Government for the time spent here illegally. A definite background check to insure the U. S. Government of your past history. Apply for a visa. An immigrant would also have to prove that they had been paying taxes while they were living here on illegal status. Learning the English Language as well as U. S. Civics.

As long as this criteria is upheld immigration could be a positive enrichment to the U. S. Government. Certain situations are an exception such as foreign students with a temporary visa or perhaps a inter country adoption. The only problem is that for permanent citizenship it could take an estimated six years or more that is how backed up the Government is. The republican party is in favor of more border security and stronger policies for the people of illegal status.

President Obama has expressed his support keeping families together as well as a fair chance to become a citizen. An immigrant who has the necessary skills to contribute to this country will have a fair chance even if they do not possess a graduate degree. As long as the proper channels are taken American citizenship is a possibility.

In the near future the USCIS will be setting up a website so that immigration applicants may check the status of their U. S. Citizen applications on line. The site will be able to instruct you through the immigration system entirely. This will eliminate standing in long lines as well as phone calls. A time saver for applicants as well as employees.

This is the United States Of America the Golden Land. If we do not reform the Immigration Laws accordingly people will still be entering with no visa. If the Government makes it right it be be a definite asset to our country. Obama’s itinerary also includes the strong enforcement of immigration laws. If all the illegal immigrants processed to legal status and payed taxes on employment this could enrich our country.

The government will be reforming the immigration laws starting with border issues where the actual immigration problem is surfaced. American citizens need to do their part to follow the laws as well. By not employing an illegal immigrant our country will begin to acknowledge our American Heritage in a law abiding fashion.